I had recently cleaned the button contacts on my Logitech Harmony 700 remote. It did restore the functionality of the ‘All Off’ button for a bit. Unfortunately was a a short lived fix. The button on the remote is once again very unresponsive and takes multiple presses to work. I’ve had the remote for years so a replacement was due.

I decided to stick with Logitech. So far their products have served me well. While researching their available remotes I found that the Harmony 950 was the closest match to the features I wanted. The $249 MSRP is a bit steep. Luckily, Amazon has refurbished remotes that I was able to pick up for much cheaper.

The remote arrived in slightly abused original packaging, but the contents within were all in like new state. Plastic film still covered displays and high gloss finishes on the remote and chargning base. They only have a 90 day warranty but so far it has been working like a champ.

The MyHarmony software also allowed me to easily migrate all of my remote settings from the Harmony 650 over to the Harmony 950. It copied everything except for the row of colored buttons used for custom actions. I utilize one of them to toggle the receiver from all-channel stereo to straight depending on the content we are viewing. It was easy enough to re-add the single action.

I’ll update this post if I run into any issues. So far so good.

Logitech Harmony 950 Remote