A few years ago I had picked up a Harmony 700 remote to simplify our home theater experience. I was able to consolidate 5 different device remotes onto the Harmony.¬† It’s been wonderful remote and I was lucky enough to find it on clearance at Best Buy for around $40. It has since been discontinued by Logitech but is still very capable. There are stores selling new in box versions for around $140 which is amazing. The remote must have a following. It also has quite good reviews on Amazon.

However, recently the remote began having issues turning off the system. There is a very handy “All Off” button located at the top left of the remote. You can see it in the image below. Pressing that button will will turn off all devices, regardless of which mode you are in. It is the perfect end-of-night button and it stopped working reliably. You could press the button a number of times and it would not register. Luckily you can still reach power off features by digging through the device settings on the remotes LCD display.

Harmony 700 Remote

Thus began my quest to clean the contact for the “All Off” button.

Tools Used:

  • Precision Phillips Screwdriver
  • Plastic Spudger or Precision Flat Head Screwdriver
  • Q-Tips
  • 91% Alcohol
  • Hair Dryer

If you find that you need a set of precision tools I can recommend the set to the left. I purchased them from Amazon and they were used in all of the photos. Quite affordable too.

Step 1

On the back of the remote is a plastic cover that is hiding two screws. The piece is attached using some very sticky adhesive. To remove the cover we will need to heat the adhesive and then use the spudger tool or flat head screwdriver to pry up the cover. It is highlighted in red in the image.

It comes off fairly easy and the adhesive remains very sticky so that it can be reassembled later.

Harmony Screw Cover
Harmony 700 Remove Back Screws

Step 2

Now that the the screw cover removed, you can now access the six screws holding the back cover on. This is where you will use the precision phillips screwdriver as the screws are quite tiny. They are highlighted in red in the image.

I should also note that I removed the batteries and battery cover.

Step 3

Once the screws are removed you are ready to separate the back cover off of the remote. It is snapped into place. You can use your spudger tool to separate the two halves of the remote. As you run the spudger along the seam between the two pieces you will feel small cutots or notches that can provide leverage to separate the two parts. You can see them highlighted in red in the image.

Harmony Side Spudger Pry Open
Harmony 700 main board screws

Step 4

Moving along, the back cover is now removed and the remotes main board can bee seen.

The top black piece of plastic simply lifts right off. This is highlight in the red rectangles.

There are three silver screws holding the mainboad to the remote. Use your precision phillips screwdriver to remove the three silver screws from the main board. With those removed you can now lift the mainboad off of the keypad below it.

Step 5

Finally, the last step has arrived. In my case, the “All Off” button was the only one that was having issues working. It is the top left most button on the remote which makes it very easy to find.

Using a cotton swab and some alcohol I cleaned the area the below the button and the underside of the button on the keypad. You can see that the cotton swab is a bit dirty in the image.

Once cleaned, reassemble by following the instructions in reverse.

Harmony 700 Cleaning

I hope this may help someone breath new life into their remote. It may be older, but it is still a great device that is more than capable.